The qualities that set us apart

We have worked with over 500 companies, understanding the organizational culture each one and the specific characteristics of each position.

Our Research Area has a team of professionals that is constantly exploring the track records of 170,000 executives from about 6,500 companies. This makes up the most extensive and up-to-date database in Chile.

We use various sources to recruit our candidates:

  • We bring in organizational charts of relevant companies for each search.
  • We search our own database and others including those of foreign MBA programs and Universities
  • We are specialists in searching and contacting potential candidates through social networks.
  • We have an extensive network of contacts (Networking).
  • We review similar processes in Seminarium history.

Having gathered all this information about the market, we are able to present our clients with the most comprehensive list of potential candidates.

We have a team of professionals specialized by industry for the search and selection of executives.

We rely on the most rigorous market surveys, allowing us to advise our clients by virtue of an exclusive agreement we have with Mercer-Denarius.

If required, the search process can be global. We work closely with our partners in the International Penrhyn Network, present in over 27 cities on 4 continents. 

This network gives us access to international standards in our searches and global best practices in the industry

Once we have agreed the job profile, our team meets the stipulated deadlines for each search, recognizing the urgency of each process and ensuring its success.